Do More, Worry Less: Small Steps To Reduce Your Anxiety

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You feel like anxiety is controlling your life, and worse, that there is nothing you can do about it. You worry that you cannot change and will be stuck feeling this way forever.

There is a reason for this: change is tough, and your anxiety loves to tell you that you cannot get rid of it.

What you need is a system. That is what Do More, Worry Less gives you. This book breaks down how to make changes, step-by-step so that they stick. It gives you specific lifestyle changes to make to improve your anxiety in a fun and achievable way.

We will look at all aspects of your lifestyle: exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation, personal growth, relations and community. In each area, you will discover what affects your anxiety and how to improve it, using the latest research from over 200 references.

This book is no magic pill. It takes time to improve your mental health. But for those who want to make long-term changes that work, this is an essential companion.

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