Which format should I download?

Our eBooks are usually available in three formats: ePub, mobi and PDF. This article offers advice on which one would be best suitable for your device.

E-readers, iBooks, iOS and Mac

ePub is the industry standard format for ebooks. If you have an e-reader, then the ePub version will be the best to use. This includes iBooks (available on iOS and Mac), so if you use Apple products, the ePub will be the most suitable.


If you are using the Kindle app on any platform, then the mobi format is the best.


On Android, you can use Google Play Books, Aldiko or FBReader (or any other e-reader app in the Google Play store) to read the ePub version.

Windows & Linux

To use the ePub version you will need to download an e-reader. We recommend calibre (available on Windows, Mac and Linux). You can also download the PDF version if this does not work.

If you cannot get the ePub working

The PDF version will work on practically any device. You will not get an interactive table of contents and the text will not scale to your screen size, but you will be able to read the book.