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Social Anxiety Test

Take our social anxiety test for an indication of whether you may have social phobia. This is not a replacement for talking to your doctor.

We will show you your score on the next page. Make sure you complete every question to get an accurate result.

For each question, rate how much you have been bothered by it during the PAST WEEK.

1. I am scared of people in authority

2. I dislike blushing in front of other people

3. Parties and social events make me feel uncomfortable

4. I avoid talking to new people

5. I am afraid of being criticised

6. I avoid some activities and talking to people because I am scared I will be embarrassed

7. I hate sweating in front of people

8. I avoid attending parties

9. I avoid anything that would make me the centre of attention

10. Talking to people I do not know scares me

11. I avoid public speaking

12. I avoid criticism at all costs

13. When I am around other people I can feel my heart racing

14. Doing things in front of people scares me

15. I avoid speaking to people in authority

16. Trembling in front of people makes me upset