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Let's be honest: you've waited too long to tackle your anxiety

It's time to take action. Anxiety has held you back for too long. It is stopping you living the life you want.

You have tried therapy and medication, and they did not produce the results you wanted. You feel like there is nothing you can do about your anxiety.

The solution is lifestyle

Do More, Worry Less book cover I struggled with anxiety for years. I couldn't get on a plane to see my girlfriend. I had t turn down jobs because I couldn't face them. Deep down, I knew that I had to do something. But I shied away from taking action because I did not think I could face it.

In the end, the pain of letting my family down became greater than the pain of facing my anxiety.

The only thing that produced long-term results for me was lifestyle. Therapy and medication are helpful. But they work best on a foundation of cleaning living, healthy eating and self-care. Without giving ourselves this attention, we are doomed to allow the dark clouds to return.

The problem? These things are hard!

You don't know where to start. You feel overwhelmed. You think that you cannot change because previous exercise and lifestyle changes have failed. You need help from someone who understands anxiety and can give you proven techniques to finally make you follow through.

You need a system

Do More, Worry Less is that system. It will teach you how to take small steps to reduce your anxiety. You will learn how to set better goals that you can follow through on.

Lifestyle factors

It looks at every aspect of your life and the scientifically-proven factors that affect your mood.

Graded exposure

This is no magic bullet. Improving your lifestyle is hard work. But we will never ask you to do more than you are comfortable with. Small steps compound over time to produce big changes.

Backed up by proof

Don't take this on faith. The book contains 290 footnotes and citations from the world's leading medical journals and research universities.

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