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About us

Worfolk Anxiety Management is based in Leeds, United Kingdom. We were founded in 2016 to provide support for people who wanted to take back control of their lives from anxiety.

Our manifesto

To set our what we believe about anxiety, we have published a five-point manifesto, setting out what we think anxiety is and how we should respond to it. These points are:

  1. Anxiety is a normal human emotion
  2. Anxiety should not control our lives
  3. The best way to control anxiety is through lifestyle
  4. Our approach should be evidence-based
  5. Together we are stronger

Find out more about each of these points on our Anxiety Manifesto page.

Chris Worfolk

Chris Worfolk is the founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds.

He has brought his decades of experience dealing with anxiety to Worfolk Anxiety Management, to help a wider range of people through our books, online materials and courses.

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