Diet is a huge factor in mental health. In fact, we have a whole chapter dedicated to it in our books Technical Anxiety and Do More, Worry Less. To help you along your clean eating journey, we have provided some easy to follow and tasty recipes that will boost your mind as well as your body.

  • Corn on the cob

    It is a stretch to call this a recipe. But it is delicious. Sometimes cooking is about taking beautiful ingredients and doing as little as possible to them.

  • Mint chocolate ganache

    There is nothing healthy about this recipe. When it comes to treat days, though, this is a simple way to make a delicious dessert.

  • Seared squid

    Squid is a really fun creature to prepare. In this recipe, we will take you all the way from having a whole squid to a delicious flash-fried meal.

  • Fish and chips

    Homemade fish and chips. In this recipe, we will be breading fish fillets and shallow frying them. A healthy twist on a British classic.

  • Grilled prawns

    Shell-on prawns make a wonderful starter. Simply grilled and served with bread and lemon wedges is simple cooking at its finest.

  • Egg salad

    This salad is high in protein and comes with some tasty homemade croutons. It's simple to make and great for you.

  • Mixed bean chilli

    This vegetarian chilli is not only meat-free and tasty-heavy, but it also super easy to prepare.