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Mindfulness is the idea that we should live in the hear and now, rather than letting our minds wander off and worry. On this page, you can find out more about mindfulness and access some free meditations, books and courses.

What is mindfulness?

How does it work?

Will it stop me from worrying?

How should I get started?

Free course

5-Day Mindfulness for Anxiety course

5-Day Mindfulness for Anxiety

Looking for a gentle introduction to using mindfulness to reduce your day-to-day worrying and enjoying life more? Our FREE mindfulness for anxiety course is perfect.

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Free meditations

Below you can find guided audio for some short and easy mindfulness meditations.

Sensory meditation

Learn to be more aware of the sights, sounds and smells around you. Practice guiding your mind back to the present moment when you get distracted.


Breath meditation

Learn to focus on observing your breathing. As the breath is always available, it makes an excellent subject that can help you ground yourself when you are struggling with the world.


Body scan meditation

Explore your body and the different sensations contained within it. You might be surprised how many there are. This gives you piece of mind next time you experience a mysterious twitch: it's going on all the time when we pay attention to it.


Focus meditation

Learn to shift your focus from point to point. Anxiety can make it difficult to "clear your mind", so, instead, this meditation will focus on shifting your attention around without allowing intrusive thoughts to get in the way.


Labelling meditation

Learning to identify and label thoughts as positive or negative without getting caught up in them. By explicitly labelling thoughts, we can take some of the emotional power away from them.


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