Treatment Planner

About the tool

What is it?

Treatment Planner allows you to take control of your mental health. Whether you are charting the road to recovery, or already feeling great and wanting a feel-good top-up, this tool can help you find the next step.

It asks you a series of questions and delivers you a personalised recommendation based on what you have told us.

This all happens in real-time: you can adjust the sliders and see the results instantly update. Fine tune as you go to get the perfect solution.

Important information

This tool is not a replacement for speaking to your doctor.

If your anxiety is at a sub-clinical level (mild, you can manage it yourself), then this tool can make suggestions. If your anxiety is more severe, it can provide you with ideas that you may want to discuss with your doctor.

But, ultimately, it is a tool to help inform you. We are not telling you what to do: just helping you (and your doctor) make the right decision.

How does it work?

Start by adjusting some of the sliders. The best treatment for you will depend on the severity of your anxiety and your preferences regarding the paths available to you. Some people may prefer a more natural option, for example, while others prefer to have a clinical approach.

As you adjust the sliders, you will see the results changing below them. You can fine tune and adjust as much as you want.

The percentages tell you how well the treatment matches to your circumstances. It is unlikely that you fill find anything that is 100%: they are meant as a general guide to rank the best options.

If a percentage is negative, this means this option is a bad match for you.

What treatments are included?

We've included dozens of options so that you can find the one that is correct for you.

However, we have not included every single option that we featured in our blog post because some are hard to access or only relevant in very specific circumstances. We want the tool to be relevant and useful, so we excluded some of the most niche options.