Running For Anxiety

Go from worrier to runner in 10 weeks

Our free course is designed for non-runners who want to get fit, learn mindfulness and reduce their anxiety. Download our guided audio workout sessions to your phone and together we will crush anxiety.

How it works

3 steps: download the audio to your phone, listen to it during your workouts and learn mindfulness techniques as we go.

Each week, we'll release a new coaching session. You should download this to your phone or MP3 player. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes and will guide you through the session.

In each session, we'll do a warm-up, some running and some walking. The audio will tell you what to do. We'll also explore mindfulness as we go.

You can complete the sessions whenever you like. Each session should be completed on three separate days before moving on to the next one.

Frequently asked questions

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What shoes do I need?

What if I fall behind or miss a session?

Downloading the audio on Android (Samsung, HTC, Google, etc)

Downloading the audio on iPhone

What if I don't have a smartphone?

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