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Our manifesto

What is anxiety and how do we respond to it? Different people have different answers to these questions. To set out what we believe, we have created our Anxiety Manifesto.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion

There is nothing "wrong" with us because we experience anxiety. It is a normal, healthy part of being a human. In fact it is essential: anxiety is the reason we _don't_ stand in the middle of the tracks just looking at the train. We do not need to eliminate it from our lives or emotional range.

Anxiety should not control our lives

We refuse to let anxiety shrink our world. We aim to manage and control it, allowing us to achieve our goals and lead the lives we want to lead. We shape our own destiny; anxiety does not do it for us.

The best way to control anxiety is through lifestyle

Adopting an anxiety-friendly lifestyle is the best defence we have against anxiety. Medication and therapy are useful tools, but they have to be employed on a foundation of clean living, healthy diet, strong relationships and an active participation in our community.

Our approach should be evidence-based

Evidence should be at the core of everything we do. We want proven strategies that have been shown to really make a difference in people's lives. We acknowledge the power of placebo and the role it can play.

Together we are stronger

Mental health is not something to be ashamed of, or shy away from. We embrace common ground and come together for mutual support, in the spirit of achieving more together.

Download and print

If you want to download or print our manifesto, we have a PDF version available. You can open this in your browser, or you can right click on the button and select "save target as..." to download it to your device.

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