Nutrition Map Beta

Our nutrition map shows you a selection of foods and their vitamin and mineral content. It is designed to help you plan a diet that is mental health-friendly.

Foods are categorised by their overall type, and then by specific type (typically an animal or plant name). Each ring represents a different vitamin or mineral. The darker the shading, the better it is.

This service is still in beta. It is not yet compatible with mobile devices as it relies on the hover state of the mouse.

There are some reasons why we should interpret the results with caution:

First, we had to pick a selection of foods. This does not mean that other foods are not nutritious. Second, there is some grouping. For example, "beef". There are lots of different parts of a cow, each with different nutritional content. Most are similar, and therefore this guide provides you with an estimate, but it is not pinpoint accurate.

Second, the numbers are not set based on any specific criteria. So, we have not graded each one against your recommended daily intake. Instead, we have provided a general guide as to what is considered a good way to integrate this specific vitamin or mineral into your diet.