How to benefit from Two-Minute Tips

In our new series of videos, Two-Minute Tips, I will give you some quick ideas for how to reduce your anxiety and increase your wellbeing. By taking these small steps consistently, we can achieve big changes. However, you can only take advantage of this if you see the videos! So don't miss out: hit subscribe on our YouTube channel or like us on Facebook.


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00:00:07 Hey this is Chris from Worfolk Anxiety.
00:00:10 I want to tell you all about our new video series which is called 2-Minute Tips
00:00:16 and it literally is what it sounds like. Short videos, couple of minutes long
00:00:21 no fixed rules, but around 2 minutes
00:00:23 Giving you a quick way to live better, enjoy life more, reduce your anxiety
00:00:30 So we want to make each one on a specific topic
00:00:32 and hopefully something really actionable or something you can go out and do
00:00:37 something you can change, something really easy to follow through on
00:00:40 and these small changes that we keep making, in the end will add up to big results helping you reduce your anxiety and really enjoy life more
00:00:48 So, my first tip here is that, you're not going to take advantage of this if you don't see it
00:00:56 so make sure you head over to our YouTube channel hit subscribe
00:01:01 Get on our news letter
00:01:02 Follow us on Facebook, we will be syndicating everything to there as well
00:01:06 and make sure you are not missing out on some videos
00:01:10 I think it will be really valuable and will really help you to improve your life step by step