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Health Anxiety Test

Take our anxiety test for an indication of whether you may have hypochondria. This is not a replacement for talking to your doctor.

We will show you your score on the next page. Make sure you complete every question to get an accurate result.

For each of the following statements, rate how much this is true for you.

1. Do you worry about your health a lot?

2. Do you think there is something seriously physically wrong with you?

3. Do you find it difficult to forget about your health and think about something else?

4. If you are feeling ill, do you dislike someone telling you that you look well?

5. Are you often aware of sensations in your body?

6. Are you often troubled by aches and pains?

7. Are you worried about getting ill?

8. Do you think you worry about your health more than other people?

9. Do you think people fail to take your illnesses seriously?

10. Do you distrust your doctor when they tell you that there is nothing to worry about?

11. Do you worry a lot about whether you have a serious illness?

12. Do discussions in the media (TV, newspapers, radio, etc) make you feel uncomfortable?

13. Do you regularly experience a range of symptoms?

14. Do you regularly have symptoms of a serious illness?